Distance Sales Contract

By visiting the www.afaist.com website or as a member of www.afaist.com, you have read the entire terms of use of the www.afaist.com website and fully understand its content; By accepting that you unconditionally and unconditionally accept and approve all the matters stated on this page and that will be stated on the www.afaist.com website, you expressly declare and undertake that you will not put forward any objections or objections regarding these matters. 


If www.afaist.com users and members do not find the updated contract articles appropriate, they can terminate their www.afaist.com membership and/or refrain from using the www.afaist.com website. www.afaist.com users and members cannot claim any rights from AFA IST Auction in this regard. 


1. The www.afaist.com service cannot be used in a way that violates the intellectual and copyrights of others, for an unlawful purpose, in a way that violates public order, violates public morals, disturbs and harasses others. In addition, no action can be taken that imposes an unreasonable or disproportionately large load on the www.afaist.com infrastructure. 

2. The content and software of the www.afaist.com website, all intellectual and financial rights belong to AFA IST Müzayede. www.afaist.com users and members, any robot for the purpose of monitoring or copying, duplicating, modifying the www.afaist.com web page or its contents, or for other unauthorized and unauthorized purposes and without the express and written permission of AFA IST Müzayede, will not use spiders or other automated tools or manual processes; They agree that they will not create derivative works from this content or display them to the public. 

3. www.afaist.com users and members shall not use any tool, software or tool to interfere or attempt to interfere with the operation of the www.afaist.com website, do not connect to the site without authorization and do not take any action, and that they do not access the software and data of other internet users without permission. They agree that they will not access or use them as Otherwise, any compensation and/or administrative/judicial fines that AFA IST Auction has to pay to public institutions and/or third parties for this reason are recourse to the user. 

4. www.afaist.com users and members may not use the www.afaist.com website to transmit copyrighted information and materials illegally without obtaining express permission, without a valid defense or justification. Users who post articles, images, stories, software or copyrighted or similar content on the site should ensure that the content they upload to the site does not infringe or violate the copyrights or other rights of third parties (such as the right to privacy or prohibition of disclosure). www.afaist.com users and members, Law on Intellectual and Artistic Works, Decree on the Protection of Trademarks, Turkish Commercial Code, Law on the Protection of Patent Rights, They agree and undertake to comply with the provisions of the Turkish Penal Code and other legislation and not to violate them. Otherwise, the user is recourse to any compensation and/or administrative/judicial fines that AFA IST Auction has to pay to public institutions and/or third parties for this reason. 

5. Notification of the relevant copyright owner or its representative to AFA IST Müzayede that www.afaist.com users and members are using the www.afaist.com website as a means of unlawful infringement or right infringement, or by a court decision. or with the consent of the relevant user, the infringing user's rights to access and/or use the site are revoked. In the event that AFA IST Müzayede suspects that the alleged infringement or infringement has actually taken place, by its own technical means, it reserves the right, at its absolute discretion, to revoke that user's right to access or use the site before any such notice, court decision or acknowledgment. 

6. Damages and losses that may be incurred by third parties due to the use of www.afaist.com users and members, including the use of www.afaist.com website to connect to another site or to upload content and/or other information to the site, They accept that they will indemnify themselves and/or their reasonable affiliates, subsidiaries, officers and representatives, other partners and employees from the claims arising from the damages and that they will compensate for these losses. 

7. AFA IST Müzayede does not warrant that the www.afaist.com website will be uninterrupted or error-free, or that certain results will be obtained by using or linking to the site or its content. AFA IST Auction also does not guarantee that the files uploaded by www.afaist.com users and members from the www.afaist.com website are free of viruses, contaminants or corrupting features. AFA IST Auction cannot be held liable for any damages that may arise from the use of the www.afaist.com website, including direct, indirect or incidental damages, consequential damages and punitive damages. 

8. www.afaist.com members cannot give their username and password determined by them to other persons or organizations. Otherwise, AFA IST Auction's right to indemnify arising from such use is reserved. The usage rights of www.afaist.com members with their membership to www.afaist.com belong only to themselves and cannot be transferred to others. 

9. AFA IST Auction has the right to unilaterally suspend the www.afaist.com website at any time, permanently or temporarily. 

10. AFA IST Auction shall not be liable for any damage to the software and data of its users and members by unauthorized persons from reading the information of its users and members. Users and members have agreed in advance not to claim any compensation from AFA IST Müzayede for any damages they may incur due to the use of this service. 

11. Applying for membership to the www.afaist.com website is a prerequisite for being a member of www.afaist.com, but it is not a sufficient condition. Applications of users who complete the application process to become a member of www.afaist.com are evaluated by AFA IST Auction; Only eligible members are accepted as members of www.afaist.com site. Any content sent to the www.afaist.com website begins to be published on the www.afaist.com website after the editor's approval.

12. Members whose AFA IST Auction records are incomplete and/or members whose membership is not in accordance with the terms of use of the www.afaist.com website have the right to remove their accounts from the system without any explanation. In addition, AFA IST Auction has the right to remove the accounts of the members that it has determined that have not been updated during a certain period of time, without any explanation. 

13. www.afaist.com users and members cannot use the www.afaist.com website only and directly as a commercial promotion area, without producing content that will create value, and cannot attempt to promote/sell products/services or direct them to sales channels through this site. AFA IST Auction has the right, at its own discretion, to terminate the memberships and/or take down the pages of the members it determines to use the www.afaist.com website for these purposes. 

14. AFA IST Auction has the right to publish promotional or advertising images, texts or links in various formats on www.afaist.com member pages. AFA IST Auction may or may not apply advertisements for any member or member groups it wishes. 

15. The content provided by AFA IST Auction users and members of www.afaist.com may or may not be featured on various pages within www.afaist.com. 

16. If the members of www.afaist.com close their personal membership page, the right to use the content produced until that day by AFA IST Müzayede will be reserved. 

17. If AFA IST Auction determines that www.afaist.com users and members are using the www.afaist.com website and infrastructure in violation of the above-mentioned terms and laws, it has the right to notify the user to the competent authorities. 

18. Users and members of www.afaist.com who violate one or more of the above-mentioned articles are personally liable for this violation, both criminally and legally. In addition, if the incident is referred to the legal field due to this violation, AFA IST Müzayede's right to indemnify the user for non-compliance with these conditions shall be reserved. 

19. The product/products subject to the distance sales contract, within 7 days for local deliveries, 14 days for out-of-town deliveries, in any case not exceeding the legal 30 (thirty) day period determined by laws and regulations, for each product depending on the distance of the buyer's place of residence. or delivered to the person/organization at the address indicated. This delivery period will start from the date of payment for the relevant product(s).

20. If the product subject to the contract is to be delivered to a person/organization other than the Buyer, AFA IST Auction cannot be held responsible if the person/organization to be delivered does not accept the delivery.

21. AFA IST Auction cannot be held responsible for any problems that the cargo company may encounter during the delivery of the product to the Buyer, or for the late delivery of the ordered product to the Buyer.

22. The buyer is responsible for checking the product/products at the time of receipt and when he/she sees a problem with the product/products due to cargo, not accepting the product/products and keeping a report to the cargo company official.

23. As soon as the buyer pays the entire sales price, Value Added Tax (VAT) and 10% brokerage company commission (+VAT), AFA IST Müzayede will be obliged to deliver the product. If, for any reason, the price of the product(s) is not paid or canceled in the bank records, AFA IST Auction is deemed to have been released from the obligation to deliver the product(s).

24. In case the payment for the product/products subject to the distance sales contract is made by the Buyer by credit card, including the unfair and unlawful use of the credit card by unauthorized persons, which may result from the difference between the Buyer and the credit card holder or the person to whom the product/products will be delivered. All legal risks belong to the Buyer. The Buyer agrees and undertakes that he will not make any claims from AFA IST Auction in case of any loss in the aforementioned cases.

25. After the delivery of the product subject to the contract to the person/organization at the address indicated by the Buyer or the Buyer, if the Buyer's credit card is not paid to AFA IST Auction by the relevant bank or financial institution as a result of the unfair use of the Buyer's credit card, the Buyer Contract It accepts, declares and undertakes that it will return the product in question to AFA IST Auction within 3 days at the Buyer's expense.

26. The Buyer and AFA IST Müzayede accept, declare and undertake that the correspondence addresses mentioned at the beginning of this distance sales contract are valid notification addresses and that all notifications directed to this address will be considered valid.

27. The parties accept, declare and undertake that they accept the provisions of the Law on the Protection of Consumers and the Regulation on Distance Contracts as well as the terms of this Agreement and that they will act in accordance with these provisions.

28. Persons under the age of 18 and adults with limited or lack of discernment cannot shop at AFA IST Müzayede.

29. By using the www.afaist.com website, users and members of www.afaist.com are deemed to have accepted that if a conflict arises about or about the website, this conflict will be governed by the laws of the Republic of Turkey and will be resolved in accordance with these laws, regardless of the conflict of laws rules. . In addition, they agree that the Ankara Courts will be authorized in terms of duty and place.

If any, it will continue through the same channel regardless of my previous rejection notice and without the need for a further action) or I can stop the communication by taking the action (rejection) specified in the SMS/e-mail messages I receive without giving any reason (the legally possible/necessary communications will continue in any case), and In all other relevant matters, by being informed/informed by the explanations herein and/or Terms of Use and Sale, Privacy and Personal Data Protection Policy, and all my permissions-rights regarding all my personal data, including my contact information, in any case and also to remain valid; Credit card and membership-shopping information for various information, promotion, advertisement, promotion, sales, marketing, surveys regarding all kinds of products and services.