Frequently Asked Questions

  • Can I sell my works immediately outside of the auction? 
  1. For the owners of the works who plan to sell their works through the gallery, direct sales to the collectors in our portfolio are available through our gallery.
  2. If the works are found suitable, they can also be purchased directly by us. 
  • What types of items and artifacts are valued at our auctions? 
  1. Ottoman silverware, Beykoz glass objects, Turkish ceramic art works (Kütahya, Çanakkale, Iznik), tombak works, Far East porcelain, European-made porcelain, antique or design silver, furniture, calligraphy and various manuscripts, carpets, rugs and textiles,
  2. Classical, contemporary and modern paintings belonging to important signatures of Turkish and Western painting art, sculptures belonging to Turkish and Western art can be evaluated in our auctions. 
  3. Archaeological artifacts, tile tiles from old buildings, architectural elements, antique objects in poor condition and similar collection objects are not evaluated in our auctions.  
  • Will I pay a fee for the appraisal service? 
  1. AFA IST Auction appraisal service is free of charge. ​ ​
  • Will I be charged for catalog printing, exhibition and promotion? 
  1. All of these services are free. All expenses related to your works in these areas are covered by our company. ​ ​
  • Will I pay any fees if my work is not sold? 
  1. In case the work is not sold, the owner of the work can take it back without paying any fee or leave it for sale in our gallery.
  • If my work is sold, is there any income tax or similar taxation? 
  1. After the sale of the work, only 10% commission and commission VAT (18%) will be paid to our company, and there will be no other tax. ​ ​
  • Is free appraisal service available for all works? 
  1. Appraisal service is provided only for works that are included in our auctions. No appraisal service is provided for works that we cannot evaluate through auction or direct sales.