Auction Rules

As AFA IST Auction;

Buyers (participants) who will participate in the online auctions we organize accept the following conditions in advance.

1- AFA IST Auction  is an intermediary for the Seller and is entitled to a commission at the time of sale due to the intermediary service it performs instantly in the electronic environment.

2- All artifacts offered for sale are controlled by the Museum experts of the Ministry of Culture and Tourism of the Republic of Turkey, in accordance with the Law No. 2863 on Cultural and Natural Heritage, and certificates are issued to those that fall within the scope of the law and are deemed necessary.

3- In order to participate in online auctions, it   is obligatory to register as a member at .

4- The works in the online auctions are exhibited at the address Bestekar Caddesi No: 11/B, 06680, Çankaya/ANKARA, after the online catalog is published before the sale. All the information given for the promotion of the works in the online auction catalog are the opinions of the experts. Putting the works in the online catalog is a preparation process for the online auction, and no works are sold through the online catalog until the auction day.

5- Participants of the online auction  accept and declare that they have already seen and examined the works at the address specified in Article 4 of AFA IST Auction . He accepts and undertakes that all works are offered for sale as they are, that the buyer has checked the sold work sufficiently before bidding and that he has waived the provisions specified in Article 223 of the Code of Obligations. There is no obligation to write it as it is next to each work. The information given about the work and all kinds of announcements do not constitute a commitment, but are in the nature of general information. The buyer accepts this situation in advance. AFA IST Auction  is not liable for the guarantee of the sold work (good). In this regard, AFA will not make any objections or demands from the IST Auction firm in the future.

6- In online auctions, the price increase is made by clicking on the place that says "GIVE A BID". The buyer is bound by the offer he has made by giving bids in the online auction. The subject of the auction is the  AFA IST Auction . It is awarded to the buyer with the highest bid as of the auction end time determined by the company. The buyer, for whatever reason, cannot ignore the nullity of the auction. Our company is authorized to determine how much value increase means by pressing the GIVE BID section in the online auction and to change these values. Increasing the price of a work put up for Online Auction can be started with twenty percent or less of the estimated value. Guests who do not register as members on the site and do not receive an "online auction participation password" cannot participate in the online auction. “Online auction participation password” is personal; It is forbidden to use it other than the person who has a membership. The online auction participant accepts, declares and undertakes that our company will not accept any responsibility for the use of this unique password by other people.

6.1 -   In online auctions held on the AFA IST Auction website, the highest bid given for the product subject to the auction will be displayed on the auction screen while the auction continues. In this context, online auction participants, bids put forward and what amount bid by whom, who bids the highest bid, etc. The information will be encrypted and secured by our company, and the participants accept, declare and undertake that they have no right to object to these records in any way.

6.2 - VAT and intermediary service commission fee (+VAT) will be added to the prices of the products put up for online auction, and the buyer is responsible for all costs.

7- Invoices are prepared for all purchased works. Invoices are prepared on the computer according to the member number, name, surname and address. However, the invoice given to the customer is issued by AFA IST Auction due to legal obligation   . Invoicing  does not indicate that AFA IST Auction is a seller. AFA IST Auction  is not a seller; It is an intermediary in the sale.  10% commission + VAT receivable due to the  AFA IST Auction service will be paid separately by the person remaining on the item in the auction. AFA IST Auction's commission (+VAT) will be due as of the end of the auction. Even if the buyer refuses to buy the work that is the subject of the tender, he is obliged to pay a 10% commission fee in addition to the penal clause. The service offered by AFA IST Auction within this scope; It is an intermediary service performed instantly in the electronic environment and is outside the scope of the right of withdrawal.

8- The price of the purchased goods is paid in advance by credit card or money order, within 7 days at the latest from the auction day by the buyer. As soon as the buyer pays the entire sales price, Value Added Tax (VAT) and 10% auction company commission (+VAT),  AFA IST Auction will be obliged to deliver the product. From the payment; AFA IST Auction will send/deliver the goods to the buyer via cargo within 7 days for local deliveries and 14 days for out-of-town deliveries  . The buyer is notified by AFA IST Auction  that the goods have been shipped  . AFA IST Auction  cannot be held responsible for delays caused by the cargo company  .

9- Since the auction to be held is realized according to the regulation in TCO 274 and the following articles and cannot be considered as a distance sales contract regulated in Article 48 of the Consumer Law, the person participating in the tender has no right of withdrawal. If the person remaining after the auction does not pay the price of the work in full within 7 days,  AFA IST  Müzayede is authorized to terminate the sales contract if it wishes, to collect the 10% penalty clause and all losses incurred, together with commercial interest and 15% monthly interest to be charged from the invoice date. Other lawsuits and claims rights of AFA IST Auction are reserved. For the preservation of the work within the period until the invoice fee is collected,  AFA IST AuctionThe sold work will not be delivered to the buyer unless all costs are paid by the buyer.

10- Late access to the auction participant's open mail address and other contact information specified in the online membership form, due to notifications made by mail, fax, e-mail or telephone, incorrect notifications and product information, address change, late arrival at the address and delays in PTT/cargo.  AFA IST Auction  is not responsible.

11- In cases where the works offered for sale within the scope of Online Auction do not have the declared qualifications, are not suitable for the declaration in terms of origin, or are disposed of without the consent of the right holder,  the legal responsibility belongs to the person requesting the sale of the work, since AFA IST Auction is not a seller.

12- AFA IST Auction  has the right to withdraw any work from the auction, to sell it together with another work, to separate it from each other and to refuse the sale. As a result of all objections and notifications about the works in the online catalog until the auction day, it has the right not to offer the related work to the auction and to apply the legal procedure.

13- AFA IST Auction  has the authority not to accept people whom it deems suspicious as members and not to accept online auctions without any excuse. In addition, the provisions of custodial liability stipulated in Articles 214 and 218 of BK cannot be applied to AFA IST Auction, since it is an intermediary for the seller. Persons under the age of 18 cannot become members.

14- By making an auction and participating in an online auction, it means accepting in advance all of the above-mentioned conditions and other rights and obligations of our institution regarding them (No objections are made after the sale is made).

15- In case of typographical errors in the Online Catalogue, the explanations given by our company are taken as basis.

16- All kinds of texts and photographs published in the Online Catalog can  not be published partially or completely without the written permission of AFA IST Müzayede .

17- The catalog values ​​of the works offered for sale in the Online Auction are not the final values ​​of the works, but the starting price of the auction.

18- New laws, changes in laws and changes in tax rates that may arise after the publication of the Online Catalog will be reflected to the buyers, and  AFA IST Auction  will not be held responsible.

19- Online auction works are only delivered to addresses in Turkey.

20- Pursuant to Article 45 of the Law No. 5846 and the decision of the Council of Ministers dated 27.09.2006 and  numbered 2006/10880 , in this context, AFA  to the owners of works whose works will be sold at auction, regarding the shares to be paid to the artists or right holders, provided that the document order is followed.  IST Auction 's right of recourse is reserved.

21- Anyone who registers as a member and obtains a member number and participates in the online auction is deemed to have read and accepted the above conditions in advance.

22- Istanbul Courts and Enforcement Offices are authorized in disputes arising from the Auction Participation Conditions.

23- The shipping fee of the works you have purchased as a result of the auction belongs to the buyer, and our company is not responsible for any damage that may occur to the work during shipment.

24-  I am informed  about all kinds of membership/shopping transactions and practices, contractual and legal issues, and to the contact addresses (mobile phone, e-mail address and others) that I have given and will give during the membership/shopping process to your site, /your company for the announcement, promotion and advertisement of special opportunities  AFA IST Auction If any, it will continue through the same channel regardless of my previous rejection notice and without the need for a further action) or I can stop the communication by taking the action (rejection) specified in the SMS/e-mail messages I receive without giving any reason (the legally possible/necessary communications will continue in any case), and In all other relevant matters, by being informed/informed by the explanations herein and/or Terms of Use and Sale, Privacy and Personal Data Protection Policy, and all my permissions-rights regarding all my personal data, including my contact information, in any case and also to remain valid; Credit card and membership-shopping information for various information, promotion, advertisement, promotion, sales, marketing, surveys regarding all kinds of products and services, AFA IST Auction 's SMS/short message, instant notification, automatic call, phone call, computer, telephone, internet, social media and online advertising networks, wireless connections including bluetooth-beacon, fax, e-mail/mail and I have consented to send commercial electronic messages and other messages to me via other electronic communication tools/channels.

25-Our online auctions will end live on the specified date and at the specified time. When the live auction starts, bids can be made for the works that are on sale one after the other, while bids cannot be made for the following works.